1 /pleIt/ noun
a) (C) a flat and usually round dish that you eat from or serve food from: The plates were piled high with rice. | a dinner plate | clear/empty your plate (=eat everything on your plate)
b) also plateful (C) the amount of food that is on a plate
(+ of): He's eaten a whole plate of french fries.
a) (C) a flat piece of metal with words or numbers on it, for example on a door or a car: The plate on the door said `Dr Rackman'. | A plate below the statue indicated that it had been donated by the artist. | number/licence/registration plate (=on a car): Did anyone see the car's license plate?
—see also: L­plate, nameplate
b) plates (plural) the flat pieces of metal on a car which give information about who the car belongs to or which country it is from
3 have a lot on your plate informal to have a lot of problems to deal with or a lot of things to worry about
4 hand sth to sb on a plate informal to let someone have what they want without making them work to achieve it: Liverpool virtually handed the game to United on a plate.
a) (C) technical one of the thin sheets of bone, horn etc that covers and protects the outside of an animal: The reptile's body is covered with horny protective plates.
b) (C) a thin sheet of metal used to protect something: steel plates used in the construction of ships
6 EARTH'S SURFACE (C) technical one of the very large sheets of rock that form the surface of the Earth
—see also: plate tectonics
a) gold/silver etc plate ordinary metal with a thin covering of gold, silver etc
b) (U) articles such as plates, cups, forks or knives made of gold or silver
8 FOR COOKING (C) especially BrE a metal ring on an electric cooker that you put pans on when cooking
a) a sheet of metal that has been cut or treated in some way so that words or pictures can be printed from its surface
b) a picture in a book, printed on good-quality paper and usually coloured
c) technical a thin sheet of glass used especially in the past in photography, with chemicals on it that are sensitive to light
10 IN CHURCH the plate a small plate or container, used to collect money in a Christian church
11 BASEBALL homeplate
12 TEETH (C)
a) a thin piece of plastic shaped to fit inside a person's mouth, into which false teeth are fixed
b) a thin piece of plastic with wires fixed to it, that people wear to straighten their teeth; brace 2 (1)
2 verb (T) be plated with
a) to be covered with a thin covering of gold, silver etc: a beautiful necklace, plated with 22 carat gold | gold-plated/silver-plated: a gold-plated bracelet
b) to be covered in sheets of a hard material such as metal or bone: The ship had been heavily plated with protective sheets.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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